Migraine Freedom with Debbie Waidl


In this episode I talk to Debbie Waidl, a Migraine Specialist certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for Functional Health Coaching.

As a migraine specialist, she helps busy moms uncover what is holding them back from migraine freedom so they can live their life pain- and symptom-free, spend the time they want with family and friends, and stop missing out on the things they enjoy.

In this episode she explains her 3 Pillar approach to Migraine Freedom, and how she teaches her clients to make subtle shifts in their busy lives to improve their quality of life without relying on countless medications and following complicated migraine elimination diets.

Her passion to help moms live migraine-free stems from her own experience with daily migraines and her desire to ensure no one has to live through years of endless migraines as she did.


Size Inclusive Personal training with Shannon Hennig


In this episode I chat with personal trainer, Shannon Hennig, an online personal trainer who works with women from a body positive, size-inclusive perspective. Her mission is to provide sustainable fitness programs and nutrition coaching that gets her clients lasting results without the focus on weight loss.

Connect with Shannon:

Shannon Hennig is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ISSA Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist. She identifies as a “fat fitness coach” and works with clients to reclaim their relationship with movement and their bodies.

With an emphasis on sustainable habits, mindset and joyful movement, her work empowers clients in fat bodies to meet and beat their own expectations. She lives in Calgary, Canada where she’s busy running, hiking, biking, strength training and eating chocolate.

Meal Planning Made Simple with Kare Maryn


In this episode I sit down with Kitchen Coach, Kare Maryn, who’s all about making meal planning simple and sustainable for busy moms.

She helps her clients develop a customized system for planning their family’s meals so they have more time, energy, and brain space to be less stressed, feel good about what they’re serving, what they’re eating, and be more present day-to-day with their family.

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Reset Your Meal Planning: A 7-day Meal Planning Guide

Grab this free Meal Planning Guide to reset and transform your family’s meals and snacks, making more time for the really fun stuff in life.

You want to be that family that sets the table each day to enjoy a meal together, and you want the meal to be healthy, nutritious, and a joy for the entire family to eat. If you’re not properly planning your meals or grocery shopping then you need to reset your meal planning habits.

Get started on resetting those habits by clicking on the link below you will receive the Free 7 day meal planning guide, plus tips on how to continue transforming your meal planning system.

What’s included in the guide?

  • Weekly Lunch, Snack, & Dinner Plan
  • Categorized Grocery List
  • 10 Unique Meal Recipes

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Connect with Kare:

Joy is in the Now Place with Rochelle Asberry


In this episode I chat with health and wellness coach, Rochelle Asberry, who happens to ALSO be an inspirational public speaker, an author, a podcaster, and the president and founder of a non-profit organization.

We talk about the gift of mindfulness, the importance of being intentional and present, and how we can show kindness with our attention. Specifically, we talk about Rochelle’s book, Joy is in the Now Place, how mindfulness and being present have impacted her life, and how you can start to practice mindfulness to see positive changes.

Connect with Ro:

Joy is in the Now Place

Joy is in the Now Place: Workbook and Guided Journal

52 Affirmation &
Reflection Cards

About Ro

Rochelle R. Asberry is a sought-after Inspirational Public Speaker, Author, Educator, Health & Wellness Expert, and CEO/owner of Dominique’s Enterprise LLC (a health and wellness company). Also, Rochelle coaches in the following areas: Health & Wellness, Leadership and Personal Development. As well, she brings decades of Marketing/Business Experience.

Because of her life’s mission is to continue to make a difference, Rochelle is the Founder and President of the nonprofit, Kind Hands Foundation, Inc. Their mission states, “Knowing someone cares transform lives, strengthens communities, and ultimately inspires people to pay it forward.” Rochelle is a champion of positive change.

Another accomplishment is her book, “Joy is in the Now Place” subtitled “The Audacity to be Present,” which is part of Indianapolis’ History at the Nina Mason Pulliam Special Collections Room, Purdue Dauch Alumni Center Library in West Lafayette, Indiana, Amazon, and other establishments. Most recently, she has written the corresponding Workbook and Guided Journal to “Joy is in the Now Place”.

In addition, Rochelle has received recognition for her successful webinars: Joy Now masterclass, No Regrets—Pivot with a Purpose program, Honor Your Journey and many more.

Rochelle has created a new podcast called Speak Life with Rochelle Asberry. This podcast will inspire you to speak life into every situation—a Winner’s mindset. It’s filled with practical tools, stories, and interviews.

Moreover, Rochelle is a devoted wife and mother. She is an active member of her church for over 25 years. Rochelle loves to have fun, travel, read, learn new things, and enjoy eating different healthful cuisines.

13 Points of Wellness with Tashya Knight


In this episode I chat with certified health coach and yoga teacher, Tashya Knight, about the 13 points of wellness that all connect and impact our physical, mental, and emotional health.

She shares how she moves beyond nutrition and movement to encourage her clients to assess their community, their hobbies, and their boundaries to make space for for what matters most in life to them.

Using lessons I’ve learned and applied to my own life I have created programs focusing on 13 points of wellness that are sure to inspire and motivate others to make the changes they desire.

I am only the guide on this journey – helping others as they work towards creating the life they want to have.
I’m using the experiences and insights that I have gained to help you realize your true potential.

I hope you stick around for this journey with me!

Want to connect with Tashya?

Taking the Scary Out of Strength Training With Kathryn Blaze


In this episode I’m chatting with certified Kettlebell expert, Kathryn Blaze. She shares how shifting her focus from Pilates, dance, and ballet to include weights and kettlebell training changed her life.

When an injury led to a prescription for strength training, her resistance (pun intended) to hit the weights was not unusual for most women. As a lifelong dancer and Pilates/dance fitness instructor, she was drawn to activities that took advantage of her natural flexibility… but It didn’t take long for Kathryn to see that getting stronger translated to so many other benefits – physically and mentally!

Now a trainer who encourages functional training and helping her clients get strong for everyday activities, like carrying small children and Costco runs, she shares her best tips for dipping your toe into the world of weightlifting.

You can connect with Kathryn…
On her website: https://www.kathrynblaze.com
On the Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathryn.blaze/

Work With Kathryn

If you crave simplicity + efficiency in your fitness routine, movement snacks are a great tool to keep in your wellness toolkit. In less than 20 minutes you can walk away feeling energized + strong and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Inside the Movement Snack Refresh, a 4-week program for building a sustainable movement practice,  We’ll use bodyweight exercises to move out of a tech-neck, stuck-in-my-desk-chair position, and tap into building strength + stability.


About Kathryn

Kathryn Blaze is on a mission to help busy professional women make movement a part of their business plan.
She is a certified kettlebell specialist, NASM personal trainer, and cheerleader for realistic, sustainable fitness. After decades of dance + barre fitness she dipped her (pointed) toe into strength training and hasn’t looked back.

Her approach eschews conventional fitness extremes and focuses on a balanced middle ground. She believes in training for LIFE, and creating a movement plan that helps set you up for success in your business.