Hi, I’m Laurie.

I’m the host of Results Without Restriction, an inclusive and diverse collaborative platform for health and wellness practitioners to come together and promote the idea of living better without the obsession to get smaller, or go without. 

I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, former women’s health coach, wife, and mom of 1. 

I’m no longer taking clients but continue to share the important work of health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness practitioners that promote better health without diets or promoting weight loss as a solution.


For too long ‘getting results’ meant we were focused on weight loss goals instead of promoting long-term health.

The ‘results’ we talk about here at RWR are: 

  • a better relationship with food
  • sleeping better
  • more self confidence
  • stressing less
  • an improved body-mind connection
  • setting and reaching athletic goals
  • stronger relationships 

We promote the following strategies to help us achieve them: 

  • intuitive eating
  • self-care
  • mindful movement 
  • meditation and yoga 
  • evaluating our mindset
  • setting boundaries

 You are the expert on your own body

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