Helping You Get 
Results Without Restriction

Fitness Coaching

Want accountability and support as you work towards your health goals? 

Health/Life Balance

Getting healthy doesn’t mean giving up everything you love! 

Goal Setting

Set your sights on going farther, faster, and being your best you.

Habit Coaching

Put your health on autopilot by developing these healthy habits.

Personalized Nutrition

Toss those rules about what you should and shouldn’t eat and start eating in a way that works for you.

Mindful Movement

Stop forcing yourself to exercise and find activities you love. 

What is health coaching?
Who is it for?

A personalized approach to better health for those of us who are tired of being  told WHAT to do.

Health coaching allows you to take a personalized approach to becoming your best you, in the way that works with your busy lifestyle.

Is this a weight loss program?

Weight loss doesn’t always mean better health. Let’s move past the scale and figure out how to be healthier without obsessing about becoming lighter

Who needs a health coach?

Anyone who wants to be healthier and struggles to make long lasting changes on their own.

I need someone to make me do things. Can you help?

I’m not a drill sergeant, and I’m not your boss. Think of health coaching like a guided tour. You know where you need to improve and my job is to help you create a plan to do it. 

I'm looking for a fast solution. Is this it?

Health coaching is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. A search on Google can help you find any number of diets that can give you fast weight loss results but you’re 95% likely to gain all of that weight back, plus some. This program is about lasting change you love.


Say GOODBYE to diets, 

 and say HELLO to THE NEW YOU 

Food rules and trendy fad diets are so over

Learn how to set and reach your goals in a way that’s sustainable and healthy.    


Ready to approach your health in a different way?

Tired of trying to figure out what you should and shouldn't eat?

Confused by all the conflicting nutrition information out there?

Get ready to get Results. Without the Restriction.

About Me

Hi there! I’m an ACE-certified health coach and personal trainer that helps busy women like you achieve their health goals without dieting.

I’ve personally struggled with my health after the birth of my son in 2014. I had no energy, no patience, and no idea why diet after diet was failing to help me lose the baby weight.

Tired of going on restrictive diets just to fall off the wagon after a week or two, I finally got off the diet wagon for good and took a whole body approach to better health.

If you’re ready to ditch the diet and start loving your life, you’re in the right place!


“Getting into shape and living a healthier lifestyle has been a struggle for me. Laurie’s plan and guidance is exactly what I’ve needed. If you have questions, Laurie is always there with advice. The workouts do not take a huge chunk of time, which is essential. I so truly grateful to have Laurie in my corner to guide me and celebrate my accomplishments with me.”   

-Brandy, Evans, GA

“Laurie has been great to work with.  She has created a workout plan that fit my fitness level and busy schedule.  I have lost 10 pounds so far and gone down a size. I am much stronger and actually have muscle definition!” 


-Taylor, Evans, GA

Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

Want to ditch the scale and focus on the health factors that really matter?

Book a call and learn how my 90-day health coaching program can work for you. 

During this 30-minute call we’ll identify the goals most important to you, what has prevented you from reaching them so far, and what next steps you can take to get closer.