This week’s Self-care Super Heroes – 4/25/24


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InfinitiPro Curling IronSkechers Step-in ShoesHeadband Headphones

This is a new feature on RWR! Each week I’m sharing the 3 things I’m using that are saving my life. (Not literally. but almost.)

Each item I’m sharing is making my life easier today – or for future Laurie! It’s somehow saving me time, energy, money, stress, or irritation.

Here’s what is saving my life this week:

InfinitiPro Curling Iron

I would go straight to messy bun just to avoid having to style my flat, straight hair when I leave the house. I would love to be one of those people who look put together in public, but I’m not sure it’s ever gonna happen. This might be as close as I get and I’m ok with that.

How it’s different from the 47 other curling irons I’ve purchased, hoping they’d make me want to look like I tried:

• It’s FAST: It takes me no more than 10 minutes, start to finish, to add waves to my whole head.

• It’s DUMMY-PROOF: It does all the work. You just put a section of hair through the plastic guard and it winds the hair automatically and beeps to tell you to remove it.

• It’s BURN-MYSELF-PROOF: that plastic guard covers the hot part of the iron, so I can’t accidentally burn myself using it.

Skechers Step-in Shoes

Don’t laugh, ok, but I love these things. You literally just STEP IN to them. No hands! No bending down to pull them on or tie them! Plus they are super comfortable, I wear them to walk my dog twice a day and to run errands and whatnot.

Now I’ve seen people saying that these shoes are only for people with mobility issues who literally cannot bend down to tie their shoes… and lazy people (or that shoes like this are making us lazy? I forget.)

No. These shoes are for anyone who needs ONE LESS OBSTACLE to help them get out the door because they already don’t want to leave the house, but it’s necessary and they just want the process to be that much easier.

For the record, I am able-bodied, I can reach my shoe laces, and I can tie them.

I just don’t want to. Let me live.

Bluetooth Headband Headphones

If you listened to my podcast episodes about my sleep challenge, then you already know why I love these so much. They are a great alternative for those of us who want to wear headphones but earbuds are not a great option.
I can wear these to bed without bothering my husband with my music. If I wake up in the middle of the night I can put them on and listen to a meditation or music.

I’ve found that I also like to use them to listen to audiobooks while I walk my dog, and because they are over my ear, I can still hear what’s going on around me – like cars, other dogs, etc.

I’ve also started using them for running, but the ones I have are a bit thick and not breathable, so I’ll probably get another pair just for running in a lighter material.

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