Best of Results Without Restriction 2023

Sep 28, 2023 | Health and Wellness

The results are in!


We asked, you answered!


We’ve wrapped up our first ever community poll to find out who are your favorite members of the anti-diet and body positive community.

Here’s who you told us inspires you to ditch the diet mindset and show up in the world, unapologetically…


    • Favorite guest on the Results Without Restriction podcast:
      Shanique Allen
    • Favorite anti-diet health coach/nutritionist:
      Coach Tiffany
    • Favorite body positive social media influencer:
      Sarah Nicole Landry
    • Favorite anti-diet activist:
      Debbie Lesko (Diets Don’t Work)
    • Favorite anti-diet/body positive podcast:
      Maintenance Phase
    • Favorite anti-diet book:
      Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating by Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDS
    • Favorite size inclusive/fitness-focused social media profile:
      Healthy with Kelsey
    • Favorite Results Without Restriction podcast episode:
      Get off the Diet Rollercoaster with Certified IE Coach, Brooke Spendlove
    • Favorite food-positive cookbook author:
      Leanne Brown Good Enough: A Cookbook: Embracing the Joys of Imperfection and Practicing Self-Care in the Kitchen
    • Favorite certified Intuitive Eating counselor:
      Christy Harrison
    • Favorite size inclusive/anti-diet personal trainer:
      Ragen Chastain
    • Favorite Intuitive Eating-based or anti-diet self-paced course:
      The Anti-Diet Plan – Dr. Alexis Conason
    • Favorite Intuitive Eating-based or anti-diet coaching program:
      Undiet Your Life with Stephanie Dodier

Podcast host: Laurie Mallon

Founder of the Results Without Restriction Method 

Health coach and personal trainer turned Diet Culture Destroyer



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