6 Self-care Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now



Mistake #1You’re not even practicing self-care. Like at all.

You’re taking care of everyone else BUT yourself. Putting everyone else’s needs above your own and leaving yourself for last. Maybe you feel guilty putting yourself first and carving out You-time? I get it, but self-care is CRITICAL to your health. Without self-care, your stress levels can skyrocket and stay there… leaving you susceptible to some nasty chronic health conditions.

Mistake #2You think self-care = a spa day

You’re not taking time for yourself because you think that self-care has to be super time consuming, like an all-day activity that requires getting a sitter, taking a day off of work, or cutting into the weekend family time.

Nope, self-care can be as quick as a five-minute meditation sesh, a quiet cup of coffee after the kids get on the bus, or an impromptu downward dog to clear your head. It can even be a super fast, no-equipment-needed, 10-minute workout!

Mistake #3 You’re doing SOMEONE ELSE’S idea of self-care

Let’s get clear here – self-care means you have to do what recharges YOU. Don’t like my ideas of self-care? Not interested in meditation or a silent coffee break? No worries, figure out what your soul craves or what gives you energy and do that instead! Go for a walk, call a friend and reconnect socially. Remember, the purpose of self-care is what’s good for your SELF.

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Mistake #4 You’re not doing it often enough

Are you waiting until special occasions like Mother’s Day or your birthday to take a break? Maybe you feel like you need to wait until you have permission to bust out the self-care card and go do your own thing. NOPE!

I’m giving you permission right now to take your self-care break whenever you want or need it! Self-care needs to be a regular activity – think monthly, weekly, even daily activities that help you reconnect to yourself.

Mistake #5You think self-care doesn’t include things like planning, organizing, scheduling, and setting boundaries

This is a common one. To clarify – self-care is anything you do that helps YOU take care of YOU.

This includes managing your time so that you’re not left in a rush or a panic to do things last minute, like making to-do lists and packing your lunch the night before. It includes meal planning and making grocery lists. It includes managing your weekly schedule so you’re not stretched too thin, causing you to run out of time and energy. It’s taking care of your home so you’re not stressed about your environment. It’s turning down invitations that require you having to spend an hour at a social event where you’re really uncomfortable. It’s saying NO to things that drain you and don’t provide you with energy.

Self-care time management suggestions:

Mistake #6You don’t think self-care is that important

Without regular de-stressing activities, your cortisol level remains elevated. This chronic stress can contribute to conditions such as adrenal fatigue and lowered immunity, and an inability to manage your health.

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Put regular self-care activities in your calendar so you remember to take that time for yourself!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or Registered Dietitian. The information presented is purely to share my experience and for entertainment purposes. As always, check with a doctor before making any fitness or nutrition changes. The author and blog disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any activities or ideas from this site. 



6 self care mistakes

6 self care mistakes