This week’s Self-care Super Heroes – 5/3/24

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Weighted BlanketWeighted Sleep MaskApple Watch Sleep Tracker

This week’s featured Self Care Superheroes are all sleep-related, since May is Better Sleep Awareness Month! I recently released 2 podcast episodes talking about the 30-Day Better Sleep Challenge that I did at the end of 2023 to help me fix my terrible sleep habits!

In the first episode I let you listen in on my Better Sleep Strategy Session with Sleep Coach, Christine Meyer. This is where she helped me put together a plan to improve my sleep habits in 30 days. You can check that out HERE.

In the second episode I reconnect with Christine to share my Better Sleep Challenge results, and what I took away from this experience. You can check that out HERE.

If you’re like me (before the Challenge!) and you’re struggling with getting enough sleep, falling asleep, or staying asleep – check out these sleep-related Self Care Superheroes:

Weighted Blanket

This is my SUPERSTAR Superhero when it comes to sleep. If I could only use ONE of my sleep accessories, it would be this one!

The cozy compression of this blanket is probably the #1 reason my sleep debt is down and the quality of my sleep has vastly improved!

Weighted Sleep Mask

This Weighted Sleep Mask is my runner up! (Seeing a pattern here??) For me, pressure is very comforting and I fall asleep so quickly when I use it!

apple watch

Apple Watch

If it hadn’t been for my Apple Watch, I probably wouldn’t have even realized my sleep (or lack thereof!) was the issue.

Even now that I feel a lot better about my sleep habits and sleep quality, I still use my watch to track my sleep and look at the Health app on my phone to see how much time I spend in each sleep phase and how often I wake up during the night.