stayed up too late. I worried about things I couldn’t control. I was always doing things at the last minute, which stressed me out. I didn’t plan meals and snacks for myself ahead of time, which left me in reactive mode.

I didn’t make shopping lists so I was constantly trying to remember what I needed to buy for dinner in the middle of the grocery store.

It took me forever to find things around the house because I was totally disorganized.

My son’s diaper bag was always a mess because I’d throw stuff in there in a hurry and forget about it.

I compared myself to the other moms I saw who looked really pulled together and relaxed which made me feel awful because I was nowhere near either.

My house was a disaster because I couldn’t keep up with the housecleaning.

I didn’t make time for things that made me feel good and helped me relax – things like dinner with friends, reading books, or taking baths because I felt really guilty about taking time for myself.

What do planning, organizing, getting good quality sleep, making time for hobbies and relaxation activities of these have to do with the struggle to lose weight? Quite a bit!

As moms we are wired to make this mistake because it’s our nature to care for other people FIRST and put our needs LAST. We can’t help ourselves!

All of the things I listed above are ways that we neglect self-care. They are all things that either cause us stress or prevent us from being able to feel good about ourselves.

When we’re stressed our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol.

Having elevated cortisol levels for an extended period of time can cause our muscles to be poorly fueled, making it harder to exercise and also cause our bodies to store any extra energy as abdominal fat.

Think about it – when you’re stressed out during the day, it can really mess with your ability to fall asleep. If you’re not sleeping, you’ll find you’re exhausted during the day but you need a quick energy boost to keep you going, so you reach for candy or other sugary, starchy foods for a quick fix. This can cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall, along with your energy level!

Elevated cortisol levels from stress can also cause a decrease in our production of the ‘feel good’ hormone called serotonin, which can also cause us to reach for sugary foods for that temporary mood boost.

I found myself in this cycle over and over again

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