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Hey there, I see you.

You’re the busy mom that doesn’t have time for the gym because you have a wonky schedule and can’t make it happen between car line, the gym’s child care hours, work time, nap time, lunch time, and GSD time! You haven’t really prioritized your fitness because it seems a little bit selfish. If that’s the case, we need to have a chat about the importance of self care…

You’ve got a million excuses…err… “reasons” why you aren’t moving your booty and they all seem pretty valid to you.

Maybe you want to get a good workout at home but not really sure where to start? The choices are endless – YouTube videos, workout apps, magazines, Pinterest… Workout options are literally a dime a dozen. There’s NO shortage of options, but maybe that’s the problem? You’re overwhelmed with which one to pick? So you do nothing. It’s mentally exhausting trying to figure out which workout is best for your fitness level AND your goals… so you put it off… and put it off… and yeah. You never do it.

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Maybe you’ve got that ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude when it comes to fitness but the truth is, every little bit counts! Even if all you have is 10 minutes a day to do some kind of activity – that helps! The benefits of exercise are cumulative so even if all you have is the time between brushing your teeth and your head hitting the pillow, you can squeeze in some fitness!

Here’s my favorite workout to give my I HAVE NO TIME clients.
It’s quick, it’s portable, and it requires zero equipment. You can do it straight out of bed in the morning or right before bed at night. Congratulations, you now have ZERO excuses for not exercising.

You’re welcome.

My ‘10-Minute, Do-Anywhere, No Equipment Needed’ Workout

Move through each exercise in sequence. Don’t rest between exercises. At the end of the circuit, rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat the circuit 2-4 times depending on how much time you have available.

  • 30 seconds of bear crawl

  • 5 reverse lunges (per leg)

  • 5 push-ups (do modified push-ups or wall push-ups to suit your fitness level)

  • 5 squats

  • 5 bench dips (use a chair or a bench)

  • 5 glute bridges

  • 30-second elbow plank

If you DO have equipment at home, feel free to use dumbbells (like these) for the reverse lunges and squats.

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It’s all yours!

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