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Workout Obstacle #1: You’re a Morning Exerciser But You Overslept

You normally do your workout in the morning but you overslept? 

Divide your workout into 2 15-minute or 3 10-minute segments to fit it into the rest of your day. The good news is that the effects of exercise are cumulative so even if you can’t squeeze it all in at once you’ll still get all of the benefits if you spread it out throughout the day.

Workout Obstacle #2: You Can’t Make it to the Gym

Your car died/babysitter canceled/it’s a snow day and you can’t get to that place where they keep all the fitness equipment. 

This is when it comes in handy to have a home gym. This doesn’t need to be an entire room with a treadmill, a cross-trainer, a spin bike, or a fully-stocked weight rack! It can be a corner of the living room or a guest room where you can unroll an exercise mat, maybe pull up a chair (if you don’t have a bench), and some hand weights or resistance bands.

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If you don’t have equipment then you can still get a workout using your bodyweight. A circuit of squats, pushups,  lunges, planks, crunches, and dips is a do-anywhere workout that requires no equipment and is still challenging!

Workout Obstacle #3: You literally have NO TIME to workout

If you normally work out in the evening and you’re running so behind that you literally can not take any time to exercise then swap today with your regularly scheduled rest day or double up on your workout tomorrow. 

Add a mini-cardio session after your weights or sneak in a yoga class before your group run. In the grand scheme of life, I guarantee missing one workout every so often is not going to affect your long term results.

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Workout Obstacle #4: You’re Sick

If you can’t work out due to illness and/or injury, I urge you simply to take this time to rest and recover.  If you ever needed a valid reason for skipping a workout, this is it! Working out when you’re sick may only exacerbate your condition. Just rest. 

Expending energy that your body needs for recovering may only prolong your illness. Sit tight, take care of yourself, and focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs to get back to being healthy will have you back to your regularly scheduled workouts much faster.

No matter if it’s a head cold or a stomach bug, please focus your energy on getting better, not sweating away toxins (which, btw, is not actually a thing.)

TL;DR – Sometimes ish happens and plans need to change. Be ready to adjust your fitness program or your own expectations in the rare (or not-so-rare!) case that life gets in the way of your 5am spin class! Having a plan is great. Having a backup plan is even better!

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