Ditch Your Diet

Calling all calorie counters, macro trackers, daily weighers, and chronic dieters…


Did you know that it’s been shown that diets and other restricted eating practices lead to weight gain long term?

Forcing a restrictive mindset around your eating actually makes you eat more, and gives you less control over your health.

I struggled for years with my weight – trying all kinds of commercial programs.

I wasted time counting, weighing, obsessing, and chasing a weight goal.

Finally I changed my approached and learned the secret to losing weight and getting healthy wasn’t in a tracking app or a diet book, it was something I could do without a food list, without a weekly weigh-in, and without feeling guilty.

I created the Ditch Your Diet program for the rest of the women out there who have struggled with chronic dieting and want to give up the ‘rules’ and restrictions.


Are you ready to have a positive relationship with food?

When You Ditch Your Diet, you’ll:

  • Manage Stress and Undo Its Harmful Side Effects

    How getting (and staying!) stressed is negatively impacting your health and impacting your ability to effectively burn fat for energy.

  • Identify Exactly Which Habits You Need to Drop (and which ones you need to pick up!)

    How sleep habits and other self-care practices can help you lose weight (and keep it off!)

  • See How Exercise Fits into Mindful Weight Loss

    Learn which types of exercise build strength and endurance and how to create a personalized program that supports a strong mind-body connection, critical for a mindful eating practice!


  • Curb Your Cravings

    Find out exactly how to eat and when in order to stop those carb cravings!

  • Understand Why You Overeat

    Unlock your emotional eating triggers, learn the four types of emotional eating situations, and develop personalized strategies to manage them

  • Find Out the 6 Questions to Ask at Every Meal

    Use them to create your own personal healthy meal plan, including the steps I personally use at mealtime to stay present.

  • Know exactly how much to eat at every meal

    The exact steps to avoid overeating. Learn how to eat what you enjoy and enjoy how you eat without feeling restricted.


  • Get unlimited accountability and support

    You’ll get weekly check-ins to help you stay on track

  • You’ll have unlimited access to a me (an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach) for any questions you have about getting healthy, not just losing weight

  • Have questions? Need some motivation? I’m only a message away!

Ready to Ditch Your Diet?