In this episode I’m chatting with Melissa Rohlfs,  a certified holistic health and life coach whose mission is helping busy women identify and rewire the habit of stress/emotional eating so they can be calm, confident and at peace.  In stressful situations. In their bodies. In their life.

She shares how she learned  to deal with her broken relationship with food and the  strategies she’s learned (and now uses with her own clients!) to break free from diet mindset and the emotional eating triggers to repair her relationship with food and her body.

Hi, I’m Melissa! I’m a wife to my husband Chad and mama to two blessings. 
At one point in my motherhood journey, I was crabby, living off of sugar, exhausted,  and 30 pounds heavier.  Instead of processing through my feelings, I stuffed them with food {usually sweets!}   

While my calories and points were low enough to “lose weight,” it wasn’t happening for me.  {Even though I was well hydrated and exercised!}  After trying every diet under the sun to lose weight, our daughter was diagnosed with food intolerances.  Little did I know that the very food deemed “healthy” that I ate on a daily basis was working against me rather than for me.  {Come to find out, we share food intolerances!}  Once I removed those foods and learned about eating whole foods, everything changed. 

My body started to eliminate toxins found in the processed foods I was living off of.  The sugar cravings decreased.  My energy increased.  The foggy brain lifted.  And, I did the inner work of learning to identify and articulate my feelings rather than stuffing them.  New healthy habits started to emerge and I felt empowered!   I became the calm, confident and peaceful mama I always longed to be.  As a result, I felt called to help other moms who are where I was.  And, that meant more than the latest diet and exercise program.

This is why I went to school to learn how to help mamas get out of overwhelm and feeling stuck.  As women we are stressed and overwhelmed, and put ourselves last.  As a coach, I teach busy women simple strategies that they can fit into their busy lives because our families need us to be our best.   

I help women get unstuck and find freedom so they can be calm, confident and at peace.

I offer help and hope to the mama who feels overwhelmed, stuck and wants freedom to enjoy life AND motherhood Happy.  Healthy.  Free. 
The mom you desire to be is in there, waiting to come out. 


On Monday, August 30th  I’ll be hosting a live workshop for frazzled, exhausted moms

This experience is for busy mamas who feel like they are going through the motions of life. Because let’s be honest ~ motherhood is hard yo!

Kids don’t come with a manual, there is very little training for moms and all we know is what we came from. Imagine finding your sweet spot where you don’t feel suffocated by your amazing mom life!

With this workshop you will learn how to:

* Get unstuck so you can enjoy your life and your kids
* Find your strengths and weaknesses so we can focus on your strengths and live out of them
* Be the calm, confident, happy, healthy mom you desire to be

One small step at a time!