This was a mistake because, I would go to the gym, park myself on a treadmill or elliptical machine, pop in my headphones and tune out for 30-45 minutes….or until the machine showed me the magic number.

If you’ve ever used a cardio machine at the gym you know what I’m talking about. That magic Calories Burned number was what I depended on to let me know I’d reached my goal and I could finally go home.

Unfortunately, that number is not very accurate, as it overestimates how many calories you’ve burned (unless it’s attached to a heart rate monitor).

This mistake is so common, I think mostly because working out is an action that people can take that they believe will help them lose weight. Dieting is more about NOT doing something (not eating!) and exercising is something people can do and feel good about checking an item off their weight loss to-do list.

My workouts were not enjoyable and I did everything I could to disconnect from the experience.

Exercise is critical for your health, but did you know it actually has very little impact on your weight loss? I’m talking about steady state exercise, the type most people engage in as part of a weight loss program.

Even though exercise may have less to do with actual weight loss than your diet, it does have everything to do with how you look once the weight comes off!

Weight loss through dieting alone can lead to the body burning muscle for the energy it needs to keep your body running. Muscle loss results in a slower metabolism. But strength training (using weights, bands, and bodyweight exercises) can preserve and build muscle, give you definition, and help you avoid the saggy skin that weight loss can cause by filling it in with muscle.

Unfortunately, in order to burn the amount of calories I’d need to cut through exercise alone to lose weight would take me at least an hour every day. I didn’t have this kind of extra time and I was really anxious to lose this weight.

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