It’s  time to kick off our first ever community choice poll!

Write-in nominations will be open through 8/25 at 3pm, ET.

Final voting will take place 8/31 through 9/15 at 3pm, ET.

Winners will be announced on 9/18 at noon, ET.


What is the Best of Results Without Restriction?

This community poll was created to give the body positivity/anti-diet community an opportunity to honor and celebrate the coaches, authors, influencers and creators that are spreading the word about anti-diet health promotion.

How does it work?

The voting for Best of Results Without Restriction is a 2-round process:

Round 1: Nominations

Write-in nominations for each category with the top 10 nominees who have received at least 3 valid nominations will be verified for category qualification and then move on to the Round 2: Voting.

Nominations close on August 25th, 3 p.m., ET.

Round 2: Voting  

The top 10 nominees in each category will be listed on the ballot for this final round of voting, which starts August 31st and concludes on September 15th, at 3pm, ET.

Write-in nominations will no longer be available, and voters are open to select their favorite from among those that are listed. The final Best of Results Without Restriction winners will be announced on our website and via email at noon on September 15th

Special Thank You
As a token of our appreciation for participating in the Best of Results Without Restriction selection process, everyone who participates in the nomination and/or voting process will be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card.

We hope you enjoy being a part of the Best of Results Without Restriction selection process!