13 – From Foggy to Focused with Christine Meyer

Gut health makeover

In this episode I’m chatting with ACE-certified Health Coach and Health Education Specialist, Christine Meyer on the importance of sleep, the far-reaching impact of not getting enough (or good quality!) and what we can do to improve it!


8 Solutions to Regain Your Restful Sleep

Want to fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night

Tired of staring at the ceiling trying to go to sleep?

Tired of spending your day in a mental fog?

Tired of relying on carbs and caffeine to keep you awake? And medications to make you sleep?

Tired of being moody and taking it out on your family?

Now, imagine calming your mind and body and finally getting the restful sleep that you deserve!

Christine Meyer is an Ace Certified Health Coach, Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She has over 14 years of experience in the health and wellness field and helps mid-life women go from foggy to focused, by helping them restore their restful sleep.

Her coaching focuses on lifestyle changes, which includes stress management and time management skills. She is a wife, mom, and new Grandma and resides in Southern California.


12 – Giving Your Gut a Makeover with Beccy Escobedo

Gut health makeover

In this episode I chat with Beccy Escobedo, holistic wellness coach and gut wellness practitioner. Her mission is to help people improve their digestion and gut health through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes so they can reduce inflammation, increase their energy, feel and function better, and live their best lives.

We’ll chat about:

  • How her own gut health journey helped her discover the holistic approach to better overall health
  • The different and not-so-obvious ways poor digestion can show up in your day-to-day life
  • How to jumpstart your own gut health makeover at your next meal

Beccy Escobedo is a holistic health coach, gut wellness practitioner, and a busy mom of 2.

She helps people with mild to moderate digestive problems to optimize their gut health through food, supplements and lifestyle changes so they can reduce inflammation, increase their energy, function better, feel great and live their best life!


11 – Shifting Your Mindset and Developing Healthy Habits with Renee Bellinger

In this episode I chat with Renee Bellinger, who is a wellness coach certified by Precision nutrition and Girls Gone Strong.  Her mission is to help her clients break the diet cycle by creating sustainable nutrition and movement habits  –  with a top-down approach.

We’ll chat about:

  • How her background in psychology has become key to helping clients
  • How habits are the secret weapon to long-term health
  • The secret to developing better habits
  • How your beliefs about food, movement, and your history of dieting can impact your results

Renee Bellinger is the owner of Renee Bellinger Coaching, LLC.  

She is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Coaching Specialist through Girls Gone Strong, and also certified in Health Mindset Coaching.  

Prior to entering the wellness field, she worked as a Behavior Specialist at a therapeutic school and has 20 years of experience helping individuals identify problematic behaviors as well as working towards behavior change.  

She believes that diet culture is harmful and believes in empowering individuals to adopt sustainable habits to help them nourish and move their bodies.  


05 – Getting off the Diet Roller Coaster with Intuitive Eating

In this episode I’m chatting with certified Intuitive Eating Coach, Brooke Spendlove

Brooke helps moms get off the diet roller coaster for good and tap into their intuition to guide them and make peace with food.

What she actually does is help her clients to love what they see in the mirror so they can stop hiding and start showing up in their lives. Her mission is to help other women to find the freedom to live without constantly thinking about how they look.

In this Episode:
01:06 – I’m using air quotes for “FIX THEMSELVES”, just FYI 
02:10 – Moving from the health IT field to 1:1 coaching 
03:40 – A common motivator to join the ‘wellness industry’
05:33 – What does long term health look like?
06:18 – “If you didn’t think you would lose weight at all what would you still be willing to do?”
06:30 – Using Body Respect as the first step to body positivity
10:07 – Snipping the self-conscious loop of negative self-talk 
11:02 – Is your healthy lifestyle secretly a diet?
12:43 – Intuitive eating vs dieting
13:29 – Is there a right way to do Intuitive Eating
14:09 – the root of your thoughts 
15:35 – Breaking the Restrict – Crave – Binge cycle 
16:42 – Binge Breathing
19:25 – Are you “addicted” to sugar?
23:20 – To focus on health, put weight loss on the back burner
24:36 – How do you know if Intuitive Eating is “working”?
25:51 – Can weight loss ever be the goal?
27:28 – Curate the messages you receive about health
28:20 – Confronting your own internalized fatphobia 

29:57 – Putting the weight loss goal in the freezer
30:55 – Why do we want to be smaller? (Hint: it’s patriarchal conditioning 😉 )
32:00 – The 3 questions to ask yourself when you’re struggling with the urge to diet

Show Mentions:

Connect with Brooke:

Brooke is a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer and the owner and creator of Spendlove Coaching.

Her own wellness journey led her to getting a Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching from Creighton University.

During her Master’s program she realized that her obsession with tracking, weight and doing everything “right” was escalating and she knew something had to change.

She couldn’t coach clients as she struggled with her own disordered eating. She discovered Intuitive Eating as a way to improve her relationship with food and her body and now leads other women on the same journey.

For many the first step is getting off the diet rollercoaster…


04 – Living Pain-free with Movement Coach, Jacqueline Gikow

In this episode I’m chatting with certified Movement Coach & Rehab Specialist and National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Jacqueline Gikow.

What exactly is Movement Coaching?

It’s fitness training geared to help you move better, get stronger, and prevent re-injury. It helps you stay active so you can do more – play, travel, and work with more energy.

Connect with Jacqueline:

Jacqueline pairs her movement coaching with wellness coaching, which supports your healthy wellbeing goals so that you become the best version of YOU. In this episode we talk about how Jacqueline helps clients recover from injury and teach them how to avoid them in the future.

Jacqueline certainly has a lot of expertise in the area of physical fitness – she’s a Certified Movement Coach/Rehab Specialist, a Certified Personal Trainer, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Functional Aging Specialist, certified Group Exercise Instructor, a Arthritis Foundation Exercise and Aquatic Program Leader, a Aquatic Exercise Instructor, and a Certified Aquatic Rehab Specialist. 

Not to mention, a Remedial Exercise Consultant (ExerciseETC), a Myofascial Release Instructor, a Senior Yoga Specialist, and a Certified TRX® Instructor.

As a special gift for our listeners, you can get a preview of Jacqueline’s practical approach to fitness. 

Download the FREE wakeup routine (as we discussed in the episode!)

This free routine, which Jacqueline callsA Pain-Free Kick-Start to Your Day’ so you can rise and shine, get that blood pumping, and greet the day in less than 5 minutes! 

Why Work With Me?

You ache. You want less discomfort from daily wear and tear, arthritis, trauma, postural strain, and repetitive movements.

I offer an approach to safe, effective movement that makes you feel good and doesn’t cause pain.

You hurt. You want less pain in your bones, joints, and muscles.

I support your determination to hurt less and have more energy.

You want convenience.

I can work with you in your Manhattan home, outdoors, or online.


Deprogramming from diet culture and living better

because of what we add,

not what we take away.