Do you wake up tired?

…Are you exhausted every day by early afternoon?

If you had a gas tank, would it would be running on fumes by dinnertime?

….Do you depend on lots of caffeine to get you through the day?

At the end the day are you staying up later than you wanted, but there’s so much that needs to get done?

When it’s time to turn out the lights, do you find you can’t shut off your brain and you lay awake for hours thinking about what you didn’t get done, what still needs to get done, or some other source of mom-anxiety?

Good news –  I have some great tips for you!

Like most moms, you’re probably suffering from a lack of quality sleep.

This can affect just about everything in your body and your mind! People who don’t get enough sleep tend to be at higher risk for health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer; not to mention have a slower metabolism, gain weight easily, and suffer from hormone imbalances and inflammation.

A lack of quality sleep can have a nasty effect on your moods, your memory, and your decision-making skills.

Did you know that lack of sleep may even undo all the health benefits of your hard-spent time in the gym?

The three main purposes of sleep are to restore our body and mind, improve our brain’s ability to learn and remember things (technically known as “synaptic plasticity”) and to conserve energy so we’re not just actively “out and about” 24-hours a day, every day.

Do you know how much sleep adults need?

It’s less than your growing kids need but you may be surprised that it’s recommended that all adults get 7 – 9 hours a night, so try not to skimp!

If you struggle with getting this much sleep, don’t worry, I have you covered with some of helpful tips below!

5 Tips for Better Sleep Tonight:

1. Get on a schedule – Make it a priority and you’re more likely to achieve it. Turn off your lights 8 hours before your alarm goes off. This means EVERY DAY!

I know weekends can easily throw this off but by making sleep a priority for a few weeks your body and mind will adjust.

2. Balance your blood sugar throughout the day – Try eating less refined and processed foods and more whole foods, which are full of blood-sugar-balancing fiber!

Choose the whole orange instead of the juice and also, make sure you’re getting some protein every time you eat.

3. Get some sunshine and exercise – These two things tell your body it’s daytime; time for being productive, active and alert.By doing this during the day it will help you wind down more easily in the evening.

4. Limit caffeine and sugar intake after noon – Whole foods like fruits and veggies are fine, it’s the “added” sugar we’re minimizing. Yes, this includes your afternoon chai latte pick-me-up!

Both caffeine and added sugar can keep your mind a bit more active than you want it to be come evening. (Spoiler alert: I have a great caffeine-free chai latte recipe!)

5. Have a relaxing bedtime routine – Start 1 hour before “lights out” (8 – 10 hours before your alarm is set to go off). Dim any artificial lights, turn off your screens, and maybe take a bath or read an actual book.

How many of these tips can you start implementing tonight?

TL;DR – Not getting enough quality sleep can really have some harmful effects on your health, like increasing your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. It can slow your metabolism, cause weight gain, and make you moody and forgetful. By setting up an evening routine and limiting caffeine, sugar, and workouts to well before your scheduled bedtime, you can get your body into the habit of getting quality sleep.


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