In a recent post I asked you about your morning routine. 

What I want you to think of now is *how* that morning routine sets the tone for your day and how it’s a daily practice in self-care. 

How is a morning routine self care?

When we think of self-care, a lot of us imagine spa days. relaxation. massages. facials. maybe a pedicure. 

But really self-care is anything you do to minimize the stress or effects of stress on your mind and body 

If you don’t have a morning routine and you jump out of bed and wing it. or you cross your fingers that you remember everything you need when you leave the house, you’re starting your day stressed and it will only multiply as the day goes on. 

Not having a routine that prepares you for the day means you might forget your lunch, or you skip breakfast. 

Or maybe in your rush you forgot your gym bag, which means you either skip your workout or you’ll have to go home and get it and head back out to the gym. #nothappening

How can we create better morning routines that set us up to be less stressed? 

The obvious answer is to wake up fifteen to 30 minutes earlier so that you’re not so rushed. 

If you’re thinking ‘I can’t get up earlier, i’m already going to bed late as it is!’ then take a good look at how you’re spending those evening hours and see if there’s a way you can get to bed 15 minutes earlier.

Listen, I’m all for a relaxing cup of tea or glass of wine after my son goes to bed to catch up on my show and hangout with my husband and just take it easy. But I know Future Me will be so thankful if I spend a few minutes putting together what I’m going to need the next day. 

Some things you can do to organize your mornings and start your day less stressed: 

✔ Put together a checklist that you can keep by the door so that you can be sure you’re not forgetting anything important that you need to do or bring with you when you leave the house in the morning. 

✔ Spend a few minutes the night before, either making a list, packing a lunch, laying out your clothes. 

✔ Plan tomorrow night’s dinner and put the ingredients you know you’ll be using either on the counter or together in the fridge so they’re easy to find. 

Anything you can do to save Future You some time, energy, and frustration! 

What’s ONE thing you can start doing to make your mornings a little more organized and less stressful for Future You?

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3 ways a morning routine can help you stress less

3 ways a morning routine can help you stress less