In this episode I chat with Renee Bellinger, who is a wellness coach certified by Precision nutrition and Girls Gone Strong.  Her mission is to help her clients break the diet cycle by creating sustainable nutrition and movement habits  –  with a top-down approach. 

We’ll chat about:

  • How her background in psychology has become key to helping clients
  • How habits are the secret weapon to long-term health 
  • The secret to developing better habits   
  • How your beliefs about food, movement, and your history of dieting can impact your results 


Links to Resources Mentioned:

  • Precision Nutrition 
  • Girls Gone Strong 

Connect with Renee:

Renee Bellinger is the owner of Renee Bellinger Coaching, LLC.  

She is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Coaching Specialist through Girls Gone Strong, and also certified in Health Mindset Coaching.  

Prior to entering the wellness field, she worked as a Behavior Specialist at a therapeutic school and has 20 years of experience helping individuals identify problematic behaviors as well as working towards behavior change.  

She believes that diet culture is harmful and believes in empowering individuals to adopt sustainable habits to help them nourish and move their bodies.